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Anger Management

The primary goal of anger management is to help you reduce psychological arousal and emotional feelings that are caused by anger.   Although you cannot change, avoid, or get rid of the people or things that enrage you or cause aggressive behaviors, you can learn to control your reactions.

Anger is a normal and usually healthy emotion; however, it is important to have a positive approach for dealing with anger.   When anger is dealt with unhealthily and left unchecked, it can escalate to a level that is out of control; this often leads to problems at work and home, and negatively impacts your health and relationships.   Anger can sometimes feel like being at the mercy of a powerful and unpredictable emotion that may lead to disrespecting others, using offensive and hurtful language, screaming and yelling at others, and may even escalate to violence.  Anger may also be expressed as chronic irritability and grumpiness, or by shutting down, crying, sulking, or getting physically sick.  Uncontrolled anger can result in being defensive, damaging or destroying stuff, and decreasing efforts to understand the other person’s perspective. 

Anger Management is a proven approach that can help people identify triggers of anger, and help develop better coping skills for healthier and more positive ways to deal with anger.  There are many benefits to managing anger including learning to recognize anger early, thinking of consequences, expressing frustration, and dealing with angry feelings in healthy ways.  You can gain a more positive self-image, increase self-esteem, and relate better to others when you get help managing anger.