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Mid-life Crisis

Thinking it won’t happen to you?  Mid-life crisis typically occurs between Ages 45 to 65, and may be brought on by various life events including empty nest, aging, career, and dating.  Mid-life is often a time for reflection and reassessment, but this may be disrupted by a mid-life crisis that can produce feelings of depression, anxiety, remorse, or the desire to make drastic changes to current lifestyle.

Mid-life crisis can affect men and women differently because their stressors are different.  A man’s mid-life crisis is often caused by work issues, and a woman’s crisis is often due to personal evaluation of her role; although the cause of a crisis is different, both men and women can experience intense emotions in a mid-life crisis.

You might think, “It will never happen to me” but sooner or later, it just might.  When a mid-life crisis hits, suddenly you’re questioning everything you’ve devoted to the last couple of decades, and all of your carefully-laid life plans don’t seem to make sense anymore.  You start acting impulsively, making big changes, and wondering if you’ll ever regain your sense of self and purpose.

Counseling is a therapeutic approach that many others have used to make it through a mid-life crises.  Professional counselors can help you develop coping skills for dealing with depression, anxiety, remorse and other strong emotions experienced in a mid-life crisis.  With counseling you can re-gain feeling stronger, more relaxed, and a greater sense of motivation for transitioning to the next phase of your life.