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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling after an Affair
Marriage Counseling, Affair Recovery, Infidelity counseling
Infidelity and Affair Recovery

Many couples seeking marriage counseling do so after one partner has had an affair.  Infidelity may take the form of sexual infidelity or an emotional affair.  Likewise, many couples consider the use of pornography a form of infidelity.  Our counselors are highly trained in marriage counseling, relationship counseling, and affair recovery.  We understand that discovering infidelity may lead to trauma, loss of trust, lack of intimacy, depression, fear, anger, problems in parenting and many other difficulities.

Couples seeking counseling after an affair may be able to recover with an even stronger relationship than before.  There is hope!  Many factors will influence the success of counseling after infidelity including how committed each partner is to recovery, the quality of the relationship prior to the affair, communication styles, and the deapth of the infidelity (for example, serial cheatting or affairs which lasted for a lenthy perior or involved children outside the marriage may be more difficulty to recover from).

Therapy will include a period of disclosure and discovery to explore how and why the affair took place, the level of infidelity, working to rebuild trust, working to rebuild intimacy, and working to improve communication styles.  Often, one or both individuals may be referred to individual counseling to work through family of origin issues, difficulties with intimacy, or to work on trauma recovery and forgiveness.  Your therapist will work with you to estabish an affair recovery plan tailored to your specific needs.

For more information on our therapists who offer couples counseling after infidelity, visit our counselors page.