West Houston Counseling Center
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Katy, TX 77450
Office:  (281) 940-8515
Fax:  (888)  972-1582

Group Counseling and Psycho-educational Programs

Click on any of the groups below for more information:

Trauma Group - Open to Adults who have experienced trauma or have loved ones who have experienced trauma

Adult DBT Group - Adults and Parents of Children with intense emotions

Teen DBT Group - Teens 13 and older who experience intense emotions, have behavioral problems, self-harming, or suicidal thoughts.

Parenting Group - Groups for parents of children or teens with emotional or behavioral issues

Child Group - Group for younger children with emotional regulation issues

Relationship Workshop - An Intensive program for couples to rapidly progress in relationship counseling.

Please contact our office at 281-940-8515 to enroll in a group.  Insurance is not accepted for groups at this time.