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Karah Lawshe, M.Ed., LPC, CCTP

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As a counselor, I work with individuals and couples of all ages to provide targeted counseling services.  My experience working at the Houston Area Women's shelter and the crisis hotline gave me the desire to work with women, children, and individuals in crisis.  Additionally, my research in the LBGTQ community provided a unique opportunity to gain insight into the unique experiences of this population.  I completed by Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health from the University of St. Thomas in May of 2014.

Population Served:




Couples & Families


Areas of Interest


  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Queer Issues

The LGBTQQ community is in the “early” stages of being culturally accepted. Despite these “early” stages of acceptance, the LGBTQQ community faces several issues including social acceptance, discrimination, “coming out”, family and friend issues, learning to be “authentic” and sense of self, romantic and sexual issues, as well as their professional environmental stress. Studies of these additional stressors in the LGBTQQ community have shown an increase of depression, substance abuse, bullying, low self-esteem, and anxiety. The client and counselor work together to individually tailor their therapy related to the clients specific area(s) of concern.  

  • Social Anxiety

                It is often assumed that a person who is exceptionally shy is just that; this is a common mistake in our society. Social anxiety is the fear of being judged in a social environment or interaction. Social anxiety can range in its severity from mild (occasional or situational specific) to severe (affecting the everyday life). In the process of understanding and working on the social anxiety, the client and counselor work together to identify any triggers, why the anxiety is occurring, and cognitive reframing of any negative thoughts of themselves or others.    

  • Stress Management

                Many things can cause stress. Stress management can be defined as how we as a person manage stress in a triggering environment. While working on stress management, the client can learn self-understanding, conflict resolution, time management, and cognitive reframing (altering negative thoughts).

  • Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Peer Relationship Issues.

We as humans all have experienced lack of self-esteem, self-worth and peer relationship issues. These issues are universal across all ages. The client works with the counselor to identify any triggers, patterns or behavioral issues causing pain, grief, anxiety, depression and other emotions the client is experiencing related to these issues.




LPC Intern at West Houston Counseling Center providing mental health services to teens and adults.

Graduate Practicum Counselor at West Houston Counseling Center providing mental health services to children, teens, adults, couples and families.

Houston Area Women's Shelter Crisis Hotline helping individuals in crisis stabilize and find appropriate resources.  



Professional Affiliations 

Texas Counseling Association (TCA)

Texas Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (TexAMCD)

Texas Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling (TALBTIC)


Specialized Training


Hotline and Advocacy Training

Domestic Violence Training

Sexual Violence Training

Teen Dating Violence

Medical Advocacy Training 




Contact Karah at 281-940-8515 to schedule an appointment or to discuss counseling fees.  Karah offers low cost counseling and sliding scale fee structures for individual seeking lower counseling costs.  Karah is also contracted with some insurance.